Bone China Vessels

Bone China Vessels

Monday, March 12, 2012

101 Place Settings Exhibition

Last week i attended the "101 Place Settings" Exhibition at the Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town.
The exhibition invited ceramic artists (myself included) to exhibit a place setting on the historical Lady Anne Barnard table in its original setting in the Castle.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bronze Work in progress

I spent a few days at a small foundry called 'Boudicca Studio" in Pretoria. They have been really good to me allowing me to 'own' the process by showing me step by step how to create a bronze piece. Besides the sculpting, i have helped mould the waxes, cleaned them up and lastly cleaned the actual bronze. I will be going back soon to do the patina.

 A view of the foundry
 Grinding work in progress

Monday, January 16, 2012

Robert Hodgins Collaboration

I was priveledged to spend some time working with the incredibly talented Robert Hodgins in late 2009. We were working on a collaboration which would have showcased a combination of ceramics and painting. Robert had always toyed with the idea of creating a three-dimensional painting and had contemplated this concept for 30 years he told me.

Finally at the age of 89 he was ready to explore the idea and I was commissioned by him to create sculptural clay figures that would seemingly reach out of his canvasses to become a three dimensional object.

I spent some time at his studio getting a feel for his work. He had a very distinctive style when painting his figures. I translated this feel as closely as i could into clay and after firing the pieces, dropped them off with him, along with his favorite colors in underglazes. Robert then proceeded to paint onto both the canvas and figure, in order to unify the two into one object.

Sadly Robert fell ill and shortly thereafter passed on, before we could complete the project, but I feel the works in progress show some exciting results, and it is a great shame his vision was not finally realized.
I was incredibly inspired by this time spent with a man of such humor and knowledge. Through this collaboration I have changed my whole way of viewing clay and have been encouraged to pursue this freedom of expression in my own work.

I am currently busy on some some small bronze figures as well as some clay sculptures...... Images to follow in the near future.